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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  February 9, 2016 3:07am-3:42am EST

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atwo rsahoatmele w a struggle. he was tased several times. and then the gunshots. then the autopsy shows something else. they had cocaine and high- levels of alcohol when he died. that may be the deputies should not have been at that home. i think it is insane. i mean, here at this house. he was not bothering nobody: the sbi is investigating. the deputy involved is on leave. the sheriff office declined to comment for our story. >> adam owens we are live, thanks. now tonight, 5 people were indicted in the death of a
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past month. a silver alert was issued for mark us fields on january 11th. the documents claim he was killed on december 29th. the officials are not saying if field's body has been found. three people are charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. they are charged with accessory after the fact. the suspects and the victim. >> the man is in custody tonight after the deputies broke into a woman's home and raped her. the suspect is 31-year-old omar montoya. the crime happened on saturday night in bailey. now, afraid he would kill her if she tried to call for help there is no relation between the victim and the offender. new tonight, one person is in the hospital after an accident.
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the hill. the troopers have not released the victim's name or condition. the investigators are looking into what caused that accident. for the first time tonight we are hearing from people who knew a raleigh taxicab driver who was shot just doing his job. >> we spoke with friends here candace? >> reporter: the police are actively searching per the people who shot and killed him. in the meantime, his friends and some of his coworkers are gathering to support each other. in fact, i spent time with them a few hours ago and they tell me they are hopeful that sometime soon the people involved will be behind bars. >> hello. >> tears stream down their faces as prayers were lifted up for justice and comfort. >> now, they this to say through an interpreter. >> i want to make susu that this is justice and justice is served.
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multiple times while responding to a request for a taxi at hodgees creek drive. he died at the scene. he has been a driver for the past seven years. his fun loving spirit must have been taken too soon and in the worst way. >> the games that we had, softball games, playing domino's, cooking at the lakes. anything. and, and baseball. always bringing in the community. the investigators believe several people were involved in the shooting and they may have taken off in a white car. while the police piece together the clues those tpwagter here want them responsible to know that is why they took it. >> it does not matter what time somebody needed something they are going to be there. does not matter if it was
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you. this is -- this is the person that we all want to be around. >> reporter: we are told he has a son and daughter who are on their way into town. he was also a grandfather. a group that identifies himself as dominican association of raleigh said they are collecting money for any funeral arrangements that the family may need help with. they are going to continue to press for answers. anyone with information is asked to call raleigh police. debra? >> live in raleigh, thank you. people in new hampshire can start casting their ballots on the presidential primary. in less than an hour. that is why the candidates are all out tonight gaining the last-minute support to get their opponents. at a rally, hillary clinton
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the results of the primary could determine if a new candidate joins the presidential race. today, michael bloomberg says he is considering running as an independ ant. he is watching what happens in the early elections before an official announcement either way. the royal caribbean cruiseship is heading back to new jersey after terrifying moments. the anthem of the sea got caught uf of the storm in our coast. we spoke with passengers who rode it out. 20 foot waves and winds over 100 miles an hour forced this cruise ship to make a u- turn one day after setting sail. >> reporter: he said his door appeared to be lifting away from the frame. metal twisting, banging, it was scary. >> reporter: the cruise ship
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to florida when it got caught in a storm. johnson shot this video after the captain ordered everyone to their rooms. >> at one point people were falling over and they said, you know, hold the wheelchair. so, myself and others were, you know, standing over holding the wheelchair so they would not slide around. >> reporter: while the worst
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umghmowewe a man accused of murder is on the run tonight. it happened on sandstone way at 10:30 this morning. anyone who knows where stewart is should call the police. deadly car crash in durham. the officers identified him as nelson corea.
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54 when his car ran off of the road, hit a guardrail and overturned into a swampy area. he did not have a seat belt on. he was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene. >> garner police need your help to find the driver involved in a deadly hit and run. the 22-year-old higgins was found near the intersection the please are looking for a minivan that has damage to the right side. a teacher is charged th having a relationship with a student. that program is run by the county schools, she resigned before christmas. state lawmakers filed an emergency request to stop a ruling about the voting maps.
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voted they are unconstitutional. the decision required state lawmakers to redraw the congressional voting maps within the next 2 weeks. the state is appealing. the meantime, the election has started. thousands of absentee ballots have gone out, redrawing the maps now would require a second primary election for the strict sometime this summer. >> an unusual crime is reported around austin, texas. >> complaints of a man going around thofpling on women's feet and taking off on a bicycle. most of the problems happen while waiting at a bus stop.
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aer is vesevent -- a service was held honoring 3 muslim-americans. teams of people packed meals that will be shipped around the world to support school feeding relief. major milestone for the duke blue devils tonight. >> the men's basketball team played game number 1,000 inside of cameron in door stadium. the first game played by duke there was january 6th, 1940. when the blue devils played against princeton. and for duke, a big win coming tonight on the home court. against louisville. he shows you how they did it coming up in sports. greg was not there for the first game, correct? >> eligible. appearance. this is as mild as it can be any time this week. be aware. >> yes. it.
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>> and then, you know, put it in your memory bank and it will come back. all right, let's check out the skycam raacross town. murky in spots. a the lot of moisture left over from the rain from earlier this evening. with breaks in the clouds there is the potential before the wind picks up later tonight that we will see patchy dense fog forming. be careful with that. although i feel by the rush hour that will no longer be an issue. 38 degrees. that is the temperature with a dead calm wind at the airport right now. cameras are hinting at the fact that the fog is in the development stage out there as we speak. the temperatures right now, generally in the 30s. a few areas in the 40s, shifting south, 30s are the rule rather than the exception. now, they fall in the category of exceptions. 41 a piece.
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radar. one thing you will notice here, huge area of -- none of this is heavy snow. just, snow flurries, snow showers, rain showers farther south. this is a big trough in the upper atmosphere. a big pocket of cold air. even though it is chilly here at the ground it is really cold up there. and, so, the laps in temperature, around 3-4 miles high. it is steep. makes it easy for clouds and at least light precipitation to form. so, don't be surprised if you see a springel or a flurry at any time tomorrow or again on wednesday. but t is not the type of situation where there will be a lot of precipitation or gross amounts. now, from the mountains on west, it is a different field. with the westerly wind others sinking motion on the east side. that tends to weaken anything that moves across. let's take a look at the next several days in terms of the overall map features, again, when you see all of these, packed like this. low pressure here and high
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so, you count them up, 4, 8, 12, it is a lot of difference in pressure. generates a lot of wind. you will feel that during the day tomorrow. again, the green areas indicate enough to have flurries and nothing more than that. don't let that scare you. then, one other thing, freezing line at the surface. we should stay above that for the next few days. as we head on into the weekend, there is going to be yet another shot. this one stronger than the one before it. by the time we get toside and sunday. close to below freezing the entire day. in fact, not out of the relm of possibility. on sunday, high temperatures failing just to get to 30. that has not happened that many times when you look back at history. it is about 1 1/2% of all of the winter days in raleigh, failed to get the 30 degrees for afternoon high.
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not unprecedented but unusual. hopefully once this high moves off shore next week there will be a southerly flow. overnight tonight, continuation of mostly cloudy skies, next few hours, patchy dense fog. not an issue by the morning rush hour. then, tomorrow, look for cloudy sky. it will be windy. winds could easily gust passed 20 miles an hour. again, a sprinkle or a snow flurry can not be ruled out. nothing that will alter your life. and then, same thing on wednesday. colder. 39. 36 for a high on thursday. but, even that is nothing compared to what is coming on sunday when we may have a hard time just getting to the 30 degree mark and hopefully some recovery next week. bad news, no return on the investment. >> i am sorry. [ laughter ] >> yes. just the cold. >> all right. celebration in germany had people feeling a little blue. >> thousands of people turned
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most people dressed up as smurfs. by the end of the event, 2,149smurfs showed up. they look great. that number is 361 short of the record set in whales in 2009. who knew there was even such a record. >> right. someone had more smurfs. >> are they even still on tv? >> i don't know. >> hmm. he is the panda cub that stolen america's heart. >> up next, the newest achievement.
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another moment here. >> great. panda cub climbed a tree. it it came after failed attempts. mom stepped in to help him up. he is one of the newest and the most talked about additions effort smithsonian. >> i love how mom is helping him. adorable. the votes are in. the zoo, polar bear, nora. it was chosen in the online vote. i know it is as counties but i think it is countries. it is combination of her she was born november 6th. follow. >> i have new baby bears. >> i don't think there are babies at all in this. my apologies now. the steupg of losing the
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